Don't Worry: Machete-Wielding Oak Cliff Man Just Going Fishing

Yesterday, about an hour and a half before the Cowboys game kicked off, neighbors and passersby in the 1600 block of Kiest Boulevard in East Oak Cliff became alarmed when they saw a man walking down the sidewalk carrying a machete.

Police arrived shortly thereafter to chat. The man didn't appear to be drunk or high, and he claimed to have no history of mental illness, but he had an inordinate amount of trouble answering officers' questions, which mainly concerned what exactly he was doing carrying a machete down the street on an otherwise unremarkable afternoon.

Finally, after several tries, the man offered a coherent answer: He was going fishing. Where he planned to do so, given that it appears he was several miles from a body of water, or why one would require a machete to do so, is unclear from the police report.

What was clear to officers was that the man probably shouldn't be left with the machete. They told him that carrying a gigantic machete around tends to cause people to become alarmed. The man conceded the point and said officers could take the weapon, which they did. That was probably a good thing for the fish, wherever they were.