Raising Midlothian

Or is that Citizen Pinkard? That's what The Los Angeles Times wants to know today in its story about 7-week-old Devon Calloway, who was taken from his mother and their South-Central Los Angeles home last week and "spirited away to a swanky Dallas suburb," which, in this case, would be Midlothian. According to Dallas attorney Scottie Allen, who's representing Annette Pinkard and her husband--"both well-to-do Dallas-area real estate professionals desperate for a child," says the Times--the couple were rescuing the kid with his mother's consent; the mother says, uh, not so much. Pinkard and her cousin, 53-year-old Sylvia Nunn, are currently being held Ellis County on $500,000 bond each on charges of kidnapping and child stealing and face extradition to California, which they have thus far resisted (can't imagine why). --Robert Wilonsky