Because You Knew There Had to Be a Jenny Item Today, Didn't You?

Over the weekend, Pete Oppel sent me this link to an item he wrote about -- hang on, hang on -- Jenny the elephant. Insists the former News-man, Paul Dyer, director of the city's Park and Recreation Department, has come up with an option for the elephant that doesn't involve keeping her here or moving her to Mexico or Tennessee. Only, Oppel doesn't say what the fourth option is -- because "I have absolutely no idea what The Dyer Solution is." And, apparently, neither does Gregg Hudson, the Dallas Zoo's director, who told Unfair Park today, "I'm not sure what Paul's been talking about with the folks downtown." If there's even been anything to talk about. (Patrick "Buzz" Williams says he hopes the fourth option involves boots -- hey.)

I've tried to get a hold of Dyer all day -- started early this morning, called several times after that, left another message moments ago. No luck thus far, but Hudson says there's "a long way" to go before Jenny goes anywhere -- so, once more, deep breaths and downward-facing dogs, everyone? Swell. "This is a fluid process, and every day brings a new opportunity for Jenny," Hudson says. "We're still pushing ahead on the Mexico option, but it's obvious we're looking at whatever options are out there." Oh, and in case you missed them, there's this message from Michigan, and CBS Evening News did a Jenny piece on Friday -- it's after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky