Because Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2 A.M., Especially Downtown

Alternate head: "There's your D Spot. Now, kneel on it." Unfair Park's favorite photographer, the great Justin Terveen, doesn't just shoot breathtaking photographs of the city's skyline. Sometimes, he's more about the ground-level action. Like, take this photo from Saturday morning, snapped at 2:04 in the a.m. in Pegasus Plaza on Main Street.

Notes Justin: "Dude broke some glass -- I heard it, but couldn't see -- [then] shoved what looked like a cop into a row of parked police bikes, dropping both man and machine, domino-style. Then came pavement. DTD was nuttier than squirrel shit last weekend." Which I believe is DowntownDallas' new slogan. No? Should be. Gives people the impression there's stuff, like, going on. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: For those who have asked about the death in downtown this afternoon, the official story, from the Dallas Police Department, can be found in the comments after the jump.