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The Best Signs from the War on Women Rally

I was in Austin over the weekend, where I couldn't help but notice 1,500 people holding a rally for women's rights on the Capitol building's south steps. It was one of dozens of events across the country Saturday organized by Unite Women to protest legislation affecting women's health, abortion access, and equal pay.

It's debatable, of course, whether a rally is any match for conservative Texas lawmakers and their keen interest in all things uterus-related. But one thing is certain: the longer this goes on, the funnier (and filthier) the protest signs get. Here are the best and weirdest signs of the weekend.

10. Best Nod To Unfair Park Commenters

9. Best Hip-Hop Reference

8. Most Solution-Oriented

7. "You Should Really Get That Checked Out" Division

6. I See What You Did There

5. Most Medieval

4. Most Disturbing

3. No, We Take That Back, This One's Much Worse

2. Best Sign Carried By An Exasperated Companion Animal

1. Biggest Badass