Anna Nicole's Crap Can Still Be Yours!

If you were planning on heading over to the Heritage Auction Galleries tomorrow to pick up the Anna Nicole Smith diaries, only you heard rumors that attorney-but-not-Smith's-baby-daddy Howard K. Smith was looking to stop the sale by claiming they were stolen, well, you're still in luck. Heritage will go forward with the sale of not only the 1992 and 1994 diaries -- which Heritage's Doug Norwine figures to go for between $50,000 to $100,000, no doubt for their historic and literary merit -- but the Uptown auction house will also part with such other keepsakes as a signed bank check on the former Vickie Lynn Smith's personal account, a few handwritten receipts, some jewelry and her Texas ID card. "In the absence of a judge stopping this auction, this auction will go forward," Norwine tells the Associated Press. "After the auction we'll determine what happens. We will continue to take the high road."
This is Anna Nicole Smith's ID card. It can be yours tomorrow. Won't get you into bars, though.

Me, I figured the Kurt Cobain guitar for the biggest thing in this particular auction; turns out, not so much. Wonder if Smith's journals are anywhere near as fascinating as Cobain's Journals. Depends, I guess, on what you think of gems like this: "I hate for men to want sex all the time? I hate sex." That's from Smith's diaries, by the way. I think. --Robert Wilonsky