City Hall

Sandy Greyson "Seriously Considering" Running For Her Old Far North Dallas Council Seat

In yesterday's item about the District 14 candidates, we mentioned how strange it is that three-term incumbent Angela Hunt has drawn four opponents for her city council seat, while no one has filed a campaign treasurer for Ron Natinsky's gig representing Far North Dallas.

For several weeks, we've heard rumors about a potential run by Sandy Greyson -- Natinsky's predecessor from 1997 to 2005. Term limits only restrict council members from serving more than four consecutive terms, not the total number of terms. So, much like Al Lipscomb did when he successfully ousted Sandra Crenshaw and returned to his District 8 seat after previously serving four straight terms, Greyson can take another shot at District 12.

Greyson tells us that she's "strongly considering" mounting a campaign, but she's waiting to elaborate until she makes up her mind. Greyson joined Hunt, former council members John Loza and Donna Blumer and former state Representatives Terri Hodge and Sam Coats as Vote Yes! (anti-toll road) debaters during the 2007 Trinity River toll road referendum. While on the city council, Greyson chaired the Transportation Committee and served on the Regional Transportation Council, and she's currently the president of the League of Women Voters, of which she's been a member for more than 25 years.

Although she wouldn't comment about her goals should she decide to run, Greyson's expected to support an effort to remove the toll road from the Trinity River Corridor Project. We'll have more from her when she makes up her mind.