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Here's the Five-Story Apartment Complex Planned For the West End

Fairfield Residential is being very quiet about its plans to build apartments at 406 Houston Street in the West End. Vice president Scott Jackson said he will be happy to talk about the project just as soon as it clears the Landmark Commission, which could happen in November.

Until then, we'll have to make do with the info the company provided to a Landmark Commission committee yesterday afternoon, namely that the development will be five stories and it will be huge, consuming pretty much the entire block bounded by Houston, Ross, Record, and Woodall Rogers.

Wilonsky posted the docs from that meeting this morning and fills in a bit of history. The property is the former site of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad depot until it was illegally razed several years ago.

The development itself is, like the rest of the West End, a boxy, mostly red brick affair with three buildings, what appears to be a rooftop swimming pool, and an as-yet unknown number of residences. However many there are, they will be a vast improvement over the vacant lot that's there now.