The City's Budget in Just Under 45 Minutes

You know why it seems like Angela Hunt's always on Unfair Park? Because she's the only council member with a regularly updated Web site to which she posts items of significance to Dallas residents. Hey, Carolyn Davis gets herself a blog, we'll post the hell out of it; same for Dwaine Caraway or Dave Neumann or Ann Margolin or the mayor or anyone else sitting at the horseshoe. Till then, all we have is the District 14 council member, who last night posted the entirety of her September 3 budget town hall meeting, video from which is after the jump if you've got 45 minutes to kill. She's also made available her PowerPoint presentation, which summarizes a few weeks spent flipping through City Manager Mary Suhm's proposed FY2009-2010 budget "line by line, with a fine-toothed comb." Hey, it's only the city's budget, right? Council votes in 12 days.

2009.09.03 - Budget Town Hall Meeting - Arlington Hall from Angela Hunt on Vimeo.