Judge: When Dallas County OK'd $17-Mil Contract, It Didn't Follow State Law

Maybe you remember: Back in December, locally based Business Resources Corp. sued Dallas County in district court, claiming the commissioners awarded a seven-year, $17.3-million documents-preservation contract to Virginia-based GTSI without ever getting one other bid -- a violation of state law. Which Maureen Dickey seemed to understand in July 2009, when she made a motion to kill the deal. But the rest of the commissioners court didn't agree; they failed to vote for a do-over.

Of course, there have been a few filings and court orders since, but nothing as significant as Judge Bruce Priddy's ruling handed down Monday.

The judge granted Business Resources Corp.'s request for a temporary injunction and told the county to stop doing business with and paying money to GTSI immediately. Writes Priddy, "The competitive bidding requirements called for by Section 262.023 of the Texas County Purchasing Act have not been followed by Dallas County as to the Book Preservation Services contract entered into with GTSI in April 2009." Nor did the commissioners follow "proper procedures." He also set a trial date: February 2011. Priddy's ruling follows.

Judge Priddys Order in Dallas County No Bid Case