Re: The "New" Deep Ellum

Barry Annino, president of the Deep Ellum Foundation and a longtime player in the neighborhood, just posted a comment to last week's item concerning Deep Ellum's impending facelift, in which Annino's quoted as saying, "Deep Ellum as everyone knew it is over." But I felt his remarks ought to be posted here, so those Friends who don't keep checking week-old items' comments sections don't miss it. If nothing else, Barry deserves to be heard from, in light of the many responses to both last week's item and this week's piece in the paper version of Unfair Park.

Writes Barry:

Preserving Deep Ellum's past is a big part of its future, but there will have to be some changes. Some of the buildings (sewers, etc.) just don't work anymore. Mr. Wilonsky's vision of Deep Ellum as a cross between Sesame Street and West Village is less likely than a combination of the Flintstones and the Jetsons.

Now that I'd like to see. And why so formal, Barry? You, sir, can call me Bobby. --Robert Wilonsky