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Big Bucks Makes Big News: Wall Street Journal Records His Eight-Track Passion

At some point today DC9 at Night will feature a very lengthy chat with our old buddy James Burnett -- better known as Big Bucks, proprietor of the late, great 14 Records on Greenville Avenue and frontman for the Volares and, more recently, Rachel Bazooka. The subject this go-round: His latest enterprise, a museum devoted to eight-track tapes. As you no doubt recall, last October Bucks set up shop at Barry Whistler's gallery on Canton Street to show off his estimable collection of rarities, and the well-received one-off has turned into an obsession culminating with a month-long show in Denton at 314 E. Hickory Street tied to the NX35 festival and conference.

But I see our music blog's not the only one buying into Bucks's latest and greatest idea: He graces the front page of this morning's Wall Street Journal, which documents his love for the eight-track (and, of course, Mr. Ed) and why, now, more than ever, the world needs a museum devoted to the format: "There are only two choices. A world with an eight-track museum and a world without an eight-track museum. I choose with."