City Hall

Just in Time For the Next Living Plaza at City Hall, a Lovely Short Film About the First One

As noted yesterday, the Living Plaza makes its return to the front of Dallas City Hall on Wednesday -- this one a collaborative effort amongst city workers eager to keep alive William H. Whyte's vision of a vibrant space replacing the moribund one that exists now. So, then, perfect timing: Overnight, Aaron Garcia posted his short documentary about the April 27 Living Plaza, scored by the Dallas Family Band and the Beaten Sea and narrated in part by Whyte himself when he spoke to city officials in 1983 about how Dallas isn't a "puritanical" city at all, but one capable of having a little, ya know, fun? Jump for the film, but mind you don't land in the fountain without the proper permit.

Living Plaza - Dallas, TX from Aaron Garcia on Vimeo.