Romo's Got Underwood(?)

Carrie Underwood's the latest pop star to be linked to the Cowboys' QB. Hasn't he ever seen The Slugger's Wife?

Aw c'mon -- Carrie Underwood? Really? But, yeah, that's the latest pop star to which the name "Tony Romo" has been affixed. But by whom? Well, it comes from no less a reliable source than In Touch Weekly, which cribs its "exclusive" info from the Journal Gazette/Times-Courier in Charleston, Ill., where Romo played college football.

Here's what the sports editor of the paper, Brian Nielsen, tells In Touch about his scoop: "After I asked [Romo] all my usual football questions, I said, 'My wife really wants to know if the Jessica Simpson dating rumors are true.' He laughed and replied, 'No. Tell her I'm dating Carrie Underwood.'"

So, that's your proof? A Romo brush-off joke? You kidding me?

Look, maybe they are dating; we all saw her at the Cowboys game on Christmas, giving Romo a bad-luck hug before he went out and threw two picks against the Eagles. Then again, didn't Romo leave Joe Simpson some game tix way back when he was allegedly dating Jessica? The real question is: Who broke this story? Because, see, yesterday, The Dallas Morning News' Matt Mosley referenced the mod couple during his in-game blog and in his post-game notes: "When being linked to Jessica Simpson got old, Tony Romo turned his attention to former American Idol champion Carrie Underwood.

Only, when Deadspin linked the item, it did so using The Charlotte Observer's pick-up of the piece, and subsequent mentions of the Romo-Underwood romance cite the Charlotte paper, not Dallas' Only Daily. Looks like Romo's not the only one getting screwed.

Next up on the Tony Romo depth chart: Kelly Clarkson? --Robert Wilonsky