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It's Alive: Council to Get Trinity Corridor Transpo Update, Including That Dang Toll Road

Speaking of transportation projects across and around the Trinity River ...

Saturday's hike-n-bike installation perched atop the Cedar Crest Bridge is one of myriad items about which the city council's Trinity River Corridor Project Committee will hear this afternoon, following its field trip to and walk across the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Also included in the Trinity River Corridor Project Update on Transportation briefing: the Sylvan Avenue bridge makeover that's going to close Trammell Crow Park for a long while, the Continental Avenue bridge do-over as an elevated park, the Margaret McDermott Bridge that the city clearly can't survive without, Dead Man's Curve, the Beckley-Commerce intersection (which we last touched on almost three years ago) and ... look, the list is lengthy.

Some of the projects you may not even knew existed -- like, say, the South Lamar redo from IH45 to Haven Street, design of which won't even begin for two years ... so they say, though it doesn't much matter, because right now they need around $7.3 million and are lacking ... carry the one, add the three ... $7.3 million. Then again, the Cadiz Street redesign, from Riverfront to Lamar, is fully funded: $4.3 million, just waiting on the design due at year's end.

But, of course, the reason Schutze is keeping an eye on this briefing today is the Trinity Parkway or toll road or whatever that zombie's going for as Halloween this year. Says the briefing, it's not dead at all, merely resting:

In October 2011, [US Army Corps of Engineers] sent a letter to Federal Highway Administration, stating that based on their preliminary studies of the levees, [North Texas Tollway Authority] can use their previous assumptions on levee side slopes in their EIS [environmental impact statement] documents. NTTA's Trinity Parkway Final EIS is expected in 2012; however, construction cannot start until Corps' EIS on the Dallas Floodway is complete in 2015.