Peter King Doesn't Think Much of Your Dallas Cowboys in New SI

This photo comes from the Web site I will fight you.

In this week's Sports Illustrated Peter King dissects the Dallas Cowboys' woes, and far as he's concerned, last week's win over Tampa Bay was just postponing the "inevitable disappointment" that comes with realizing your Super Bowl-bound team just might not be that good after all. And that was before Valley Ranch turned into a M*A*S*H unit.

Alas, the most interesting piece of the story is at the top, where Jerry Jones says regarding Jerryworld that "we could have had a fabulous place for 75 percent of what we spent ... The other 25 percent was for the wow factor." Which is what he probably said about the Pacman signing too. And King, referring to how local sports-talk radio is full "screeching" following Cowboys games, quotes "one local radio host [who] last Saturday characterized the team's play as 'vomitlike.'" C'mon, Peter, using The Orphanage is cheating. --Robert Wilonsky