Ricky Davis Raped a 12-Year-Old Family Friend, Then Tried to Sell Her at a Bar for $50

Ricky Davis had known the girl since she was a baby. He wasn't quite her uncle, but he might as well have been. His brother fathered four of her siblings, and Davis was close with the family.

On August 19, 2012, Davis and the girl's family went to church together. Afterward, they gathered at her home, where Davis asked if she wanted to spend the night at the east Fort Worth home he shared with his live-in girlfriend and her three children. She agreed.

Later in the day, after she'd arrived, Davis sent his girlfriend and the kids out to run errands. The house empty, Davis took the girl into the bedroom and raped her, according to evidence presented at Davis' trial.

When he was done, he took the girl to a bar in the 3300 block of East Lancaster Avenue. He told her that she was going to make some money for him and that she'd better say "yes" to any man he brought out to the car, where he told her to wait.

Inside, he approached a couple of men who were drinking and said he had a young girl outside who'd have sex for $50. They went out to look, but declined the offer when they realized that Davis meant what he said, that she was only a child.

One of them told the bouncer at the bar, who rescued the girl and hid her in the bar until police arrived. Davis, emerging from the establishment to find his car empty, drove home. He choked and beat his girlfriend when she asked what had happened to the girl.

Davis was convicted by a Tarrant County jury of child rape and human trafficking charges. It took jurors 19 minutes on Wednesday to hand down a 99-year sentence.

In a press release, prosecutors describe Davis as "an ex-con (robbery, burglary, assault, etc.) with an obscene gesture tattooed on his neck." It shows a raised middle finger, accompanied by the words "Asshole since 1983."