In Race for Seat on Texas' Oil and Gas Regulator, a Candidate Campaigns Against Abortion

Wayne Christian is eying a seat on the Texas Railroad Commission, the state agency charged with the twin tasks of regulating the oil and gas industry. So naturally, Christian is campaigning hard on his unwavering opposition to abortion.

Christian, a former state representative from East Texas, touts his pro-life bona fides in a recent campaign video.

"I have and will continue to fight for the rights of the unborn and for the basic right to life," he says, citing endorsements from pro-life groups like Texas Right to Life and the Texas Alliance for Life.

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"I have consistently voted to protect unborn children and limit abortions in our state," he continues. "I worked to defund Planned Parenthood to the tune of over $60 million, and I proposed legislation to limit other revenue streams for abortions performed by Planned Parenthood and other organizations that exist solely to perpetuate this heinous practice. Thousands of lives have been saved, and thousands more depend on our continued action."

How exactly he will leverage his position as an oil-and-gas regulator to influence reproductive health issues he does not explain. Maybe something related to injection wells?

A spokesman for Christian's campaign told the Texas Tribune that, while it's true the Railroad Commission has nothing to do with abortion, one's stance on such a "moral issue" can give voters insight into a candidate's character and decision-making.

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Then there's the fact that the man Christian is running to replace, Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman, did the same thing, making outlandish pronouncements about abortion and gun control without putting a dent in his fundraising.