Hey, Doc, The Bachelor Needs a House Call

We know of at least one girl who'll be at the W on November 28 trying out for a reality TV show. If nothing else, we hope she takes the strong advice of The Bachelor producers, who want single woman trying out for the ABC-TV show to "dress tastefully." (Yeah, like that'll happen.) And bring a driver's license and a head shot. One other thing stands out about the press release: This is the 13th season of the show? Really? Arrested Development doesn't even get three full seasons on the air, and the effin' Bachelor's on its 13th? Quick, give me your gun.

What else is ABC looking for in potential bachelorettes? Well, brains and class, duh. No, not kidding:

"The producers are looking for ambitious, beautiful and successful women who are looking to settle down. It's a tall order to fill, so if you or someone you know is an accomplished CEO, doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur or businesswoman and wants to find love, please attend/direct them to attend the casting call Tuesday, November 28th from Noon to 7:30 p.m. at the W DallasVictory Hotel, Dallas, TX."

Or a stripper. They forgot to mention strippers. --Robert Wilonsky