Irving-Based MADD Is Now Also Against Promoter Who Didn't Deliver NASCAR, Money

Google the phrase "SponsorMonsters," and the first thing that pops up is an item from the Mothers Against Drunk Driving website touting the John Carpenter Freeway-based organization's partnership with it. As in: "For 2011, Sponsor Monsters donated their lead sponsorship position to MADD and will represent MADD National in order to secure additional sponsorships for the MADD NASCAR campaign."

Except, well, there doesn't appear to be anything actually called Sponsor Monsters, outside of the random press release, like this one in which one Robert Boston touts this deal between NASCAR and the Wildlife Conservation Society. Which is why MADD is suing Sponsor Monsters and Bob Boston, both North Carolina-based, in Dallas County District Court.

The claim: In 2010 Boston promised MADD a deal with NASCAR worth at least $600,000 in sponsorship revenue and tied-in merch sales, not to mention "increase[d] awareness of MADD's mission among NASCAR fans." Which is just what MADD was looking for: "Because one of MADD's missions is to stop drunk driving, and NASCAR is a driving-related sport, there was a strong logical connection between the sport and the mission," says the suit, "providing synergies upon which to build a marketing campaign."

But, says MADD, one Bob Boston delivered nothing. Which, says the suit, didn't stop him from making a pit stop at MADD's national conference in 2010 to pick up "an award for his commitment to pay MADD the Royalty Payments." So MADD wants its $600,000, in addition to further "unliquidated damages."