Tony Romo's Shirt by Levi's

The September GQ, with Barack Obama on the cover, features the, ugh, "Young Guns" of the National Football League -- such QBs as Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Jamarcus Russell, Brady Quinn and Ben Roethlisberger. But none of 'em gets the spread bestowed upon Tony Romo -- whose "exhilarating debut made America swoon again for the Dallas Cowboys," says the head, till he "fumbled a last-second snap and botched a storybook season," and thanks for the reminder. Some highlights after the jump.

His pregame "psych-up" song: Queen's "Under Pressure," though I don't believe it. Seems too, dunno, perfect for a story about a guy under center. And pressure. "The terror of knowing what this world's all about," indeed.

The writer of the story loves the name, which he italicizes for extra, roll-off-the-tongue emphasis: Tony Romo. As in: "It had a kind of onomatopoeic resonance, a suggestion of '70s-cop-show-swagger, very Erik Estrada." Or, apparently, Vince Ferragamo.

He's "merry." Which, according to the writer, is a very "Joe Namath-like quality." He's also "goofily attractive, with jug ears and the squinty grin of a fourth grader." The writer says that when Romo's out with Carrie Underwood, he looks like "her gawky prom date." Totally.

There's some other stuff. But you're probably still looking at the picture. --Robert Wilonsky