The Sidney Lumet of Lower Greenville

Sure, it's a day-off Monday, but that doesn't mean we can't kick off the week with an Avi Adelman Production. Because, sure enough, the Antoine Fuqua of Lower Greenville was yet again stalking the mean streets with his trusty video camera to prove that nothing good ever happens after 2 in the a.m. This week's NSFW episode, courtesy the Barking Dog via the Dallas Police Department: "A birthday party gone bad at Eight Lounge resulted in three Public Intoxication arrests. This incident was hampered when family members tried to interfere with arresting officers, and resulted in a window being broken at Moreno's Printing at 1910 Greenville." Hate when that happens. Bonus: This week's episode has a sound track. --Robert Wilonsky

Stand (or sit) by your man from Avi Adelman on Vimeo.