From the West, Dallas to Receive a Visitor Dressed Up in 500 Single-Use Plastic Bags

You probably don't remember, but back in October 2008 there was a very brief discussion at Dallas City Hall that maybe the council mightcouldaoughta ban the single-use plastic bag. Which went nowhere after council member Linda Koop said the city's not gonna outlaw the bag, but will instead educate "people about why they should conserve, why they should recycle, what's better for the environment." As evidenced by ... by ... oooh, shiny.

Anyway. Those gay-marrying dope-smokers in California are but days away from legislating, those grocery store baggies out of existence, just maybe. Which is why the so-called Bag Monster -- otherwise known as Andy Keller -- is on a 15-city tour touting the godawfulness of the single-use plastic bag. And, of course, he's stopping through Dallas on Friday. Says the release: "The Bag Monster is riding across country on a three wheeled bike to cities considering plastic bag legislation," so if he knows something I don't ... Well, that's entirely possible.

Right now his peoples don't know precisely where he'll be -- "farmers markets and grocery stores" is as specific as they'll get. But he is available for interviews and appearances, so if yer kid's having a birthday at, say, an Albertsons (may I recommend one?), you are so in luck. Good thing the weather's cooled: Keller shows up wherever he's needed dolled up in a costume made out of 500 bags -- the amount, he says, "one person uses in a single year." Grimes is bringing him some eggs.