Pissed-Off Oddfellows Employee Was Caught On Camera Stealing $1,000 From Restaurant's Safe

It's been open for scarcely more than a year, but Oddfellows has already received its share of ink in the Observer. Its mac 'n' cheese is the best in Dallas, as is its bloody mary.

The Oak Cliff eatery won't be earning similar plaudits anytime soon for securing its cash. Late yesterday morning, right in the middle of Sunday brunch rush, someone stole a wad of cash from a safe in the storage room, and the restaurant's owners have a pretty good idea of who it was.

According to a police report, the theft was carried out by a disgruntled employee. The worker, who is not named, was reprimanded for poor performance and was assigned a different task.

"Apparently the suspect did not agree with the supervisor and walked into the back storage where the safe was located, opened the safe door, and took the money," the police report tells us.

The employee then walked out with $1,096 in cash, which they likely won't get to enjoy for long. Because even though the heist obviously included much forethought, the thief didn't account for the surveillance camera pointed directly at the safe, meaning that the Oddfellows owners know exactly who he or she is, even if they haven't yet returned a call to Unfair Park to tell us. So do police.

That doesn't really matter, because it was never really about the money. It was about revenge. And what better way to say fuck you to your boss than to storm off the job to get caught on video committing a felony? Definitely worth it.