Bad News Idea Makes Gawker

Yesterday's news that The News would be delivering a bare-bones version of its daily product to the front lawns of rich folks who really don't want it has landed Dallas' Only Daily on Gawker, with the headline: "Unwanted Free Papers Delivered To Uninterested Rich Readers." Which, yes, more or less sums it up, dunnit? Or maybe this is better:

So the company will pay to produce a dumbed-down version of its own poorly-selling paper and deliver it, thereby cannibalizing its own declining circulation and giving a big "fuck you" to not-wealthy readers all at once. It just might work!
Also, from The Wall Street Journal's piece about Briefing, which debuts August 27: It's terrible freaking timing. As in:

The move also comes as the News registered the biggest circulation declines of the nation's biggest papers for the six months ended March 31, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Weekday circulation was down 11%, with the newspaper noting it was cutting free bulk circulation copies sent to hotels and airports and shrinking its delivery area.
OK, I've decided: CueCat. --Robert Wilonsky