FreedomWorks Will Bring Thousands of Tea Partyers to Dallas Next Week

You might remember FreedomWorks. In 2010, the nonprofit, established and funded by billionaire David Koch, helped shape a sprawling Tea Party movement into the force that swept a large number of very conservative Republicans into Congress.

Call it grassroots, call it AstroTurf. For a hint, if one is needed, of FreedomWorks' worldview, the lead article when I visited its website this morning was subtitled "Obama's Marxist Ideology Revealed Again."

FreedomWorks hasn't really gone away in the past two years, but, with the chance to oust Obama looming in November, it's preparing to enter full campaign mode, and its leaders have picked Dallas as the place to do it. The group said so yesterday when it announced the its first annual FreePAC will be held July 26 at the American Airlines Center.

The group bills the event as the "largest gathering of grassroots activists since 2010 Taxpayer March on Washington" -- which, by chance, was also orchestrated by FreedomWorks -- and promises to bring thousands of conservative activists to our fine city.

There will be plenty of red meat for attendees. Speakers include the ever reasonable Glenn Beck; former House Majority Leader/FreedomWorks chairman Dick Armey; U.S. Senate hopeful Ted Cruz; and a host of others it's safe to classify as "Tea Party favorites."

Their agenda is simple: create "a blueprint for continuing the Hostile Takeover of Washington, D.C." and "take back America from the political establishment and institute a strong conservative agenda."

Oh, and Obama is a Kenyan communo-fascist bent on surrendering U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations. The press release doesn't mention it, but I suspect it will come up.