A.H. Belo Ain't Going Below the Trinity With Its Free Briefing

Still haven't seen a copy of A.H. Belo's Briefing, the single-section freebie being chucked on the lawns of the 75-thou-and-up crowd not currently taking The Dallas Morning News, luckies. Alas, all I've seen is the online media kit, which describes the ad supplement thusly: "Briefing delivers concise and informative news, sports and entertainment, along with regular sections like Your Money, Your Day and Your Life in a four-color, easy-to-read engaging broadsheet format." Sounds fun. Only, as the great Jeff Siegel points out, don't expect to receive your Briefing if'n you live south of the Trinity River. Because, from the looks of this map, A.H. Belo don't want none of your business, so, right, thanks for playing. --Robert Wilonsky