Dallas ISD Trustee Jack Lowe to Step Aside Early, Allowing Mike Morath His Shot at Budget

Looks like Mike Morath's going to become a Dallas Independent School District trustee earlier than he'd expected. He was already running unopposed for Jack Lowe's North Dallas-Near East Dallas District 2 seat, which is one of the reasons why the district canceled the May 14 elections. (Carla Ranger and Adam Medrano are also running unopposed.)

But on the board's Thursday meeting agenda, way down at the bottom, is the following item: "Consider and Take Possible Action to Accept the Resignation of Board Trustee, Jack Lowe, District 2." Per the doc, it's more or less a done deal: "The board may not refuse to accept a resignation," according to district policy. Beneath that it says, "Consider and Take Possible Action to Approve the Appointment of________________to Fill the Vacancy in District 2 for the Unexpired Term Only."

It doesn't mention Morath, but DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander says Morath would indeed fill the seat, and he'd likely be sworn in before the board budget briefing on May 12. Says Dahlander, "This would allow [Morath] to vote in the May meeting and be part of any budget discussions during the month of May." Messages have been left for Lowe and Morath.

Update at 2:21 p.m.: Lowe tells Unfair Park he's actually been meeting with Morath "every month or two for the last year and a half," and that this transition was his idea in order to get Morath a vote in May following the board briefing that precedes it two weeks earlier. "It seems to be a more logical time to transition," Lowe says of his reason for resigning early. He says Morath has already been attending meetings. He also mentions that Morath initially was going to recruit candidates to run against Lowe, but when the sitting trustee opted not to run again, that's when Morath stepped up to take the post himself.

When asked if he'll miss being a trustee, a thankless job if ever there was one, Lowe said, "I'll miss being involved with helping kids do better in school, but I won't miss board meetings. And Mike's gonna be terrific. And, yes, there's a lot of bad that comes with the job, but if we've moved the needle on student achievement -- and we have -- then that's been reward enough."