Forbes Ranks Dallas Fourth Coolest City, Loses All Credibility By Putting Houston First

Dallas may be the greatest city in the history of ever, but how cool is it?

Pretty damn cool if you ask Forbes. It ranks us number fourth in its list of America's coolest cities. A major accomplishment considering how little there is here for hipsters.

But don't break out the champagne yet. Lest you think the rankings are highly scientific and represent something more than a meaningless attempt to generate page views, glance at the top of the list. D.C. and Los Angeles out-cool Dallas, which I guess makes sense, but the coolest city of all? Houston.

The Bayou City may not be the first place you associate with being hip or trendy. But Houston has something many other major cities don't: jobs. With the local economy humming through the recession, Houston enjoyed 2.6% job growth last year and nearly 50,000 Americans flocked there in response -- particularly young professionals. In fact, the median age of a Houston resident is a youthful 33.

They apparently didn't see our even more scientific assessment ranked Houston as the asshole of the universe.