Man Wants to Put Spinning Plastic Ball Ride in West End. Apparently, West End Not Amused.

When last we checked in with Tom Persch, vice-president of asset management for ECOM Real Estate and chairman of the West End Association, he was hoping those dead Bodies would revive interest in the West End, especially his long-shuttered Marketplace. But word is, Persch and the association aren't thrilled with one man's plans to turn a West End parking lot into a temporary site for his "amusement ride."

It's on the Landmark Committee's agenda for its Monday meeting -- a pretty vague item regarding Jay Haynes's desire to put up a 20-foot-by-10-foot something or nother at 607 Corbin Street, where it meets Market Street right behind the Old Spaghetti Warehouse. But what the what is it, exactly? Well, says Mark Doty, the city historic planner handling the case: "It's like a plastic ball, and you get in it and they spin you around for a minute, and that's it." How very Wayne Coyne.

City staff thinks that sounds OK, so long as it's not there longer than six months (Haynes would have to reapply for another certificate of appropriateness after that); and zoning down there does, in fact, allow for amusement rides. But the West End Association is worried that OK'ing this permit will open the floodgates for other transient amusement parkers to take over the West End. Persch is out of the office, but Joe Piwetz -- the association's Public Works Committee chair and a member of Landmark's West End Task Force -- is against it, per the agenda: "I don't feel it's an appropriate use in the district."