Arlington, Dallas Already 2011 Super Bowl Losers Thanks to NFL Hotel Picks

The 2011 Super Bowl will be played at Jerryworld, of course, but the AFC and NFC champs won't be staying in Arlington or Dallas. Nope -- come February 2011, the AFC champs will stay at the Omni Fort Worth, which is pictured at right and scheduled to open this month, while the NFC title-holders in '11 will stay in the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Las Colinas. And why the Fort Worth site?

Well, that Omni is adjacent to the Fort Worth Convention Center, for starters, and the convention center may wind up the site of the Taste of the NFL event, which this year is scheduled to include the likes of Top Chef's head judge, the very Craft-y Tom Colicchio. Fort Worth is already counting its millions -- about 9-plus, they figure. No doubt you're already well aware that Irving-based Omni will be the operator of Dallas's convention center hotel. --Robert Wilonsky