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A "Very Concerned" Mayor Mike Sends Letter to U.S. Postmaster General Over Possible Closures

As it turns out, the United States Postal Service is looking at shuttering several post offices in the city -- not just the main processing facility on IH-30, but also its locations in the Earle Cabell Federal Building (known as "Station C"), the Belmont Finance Station on Greenville Avenue and the World Trade Center Finance Station. Hence the heads-up City Manager Mary Suhm sent to council members last night: a note about the Wednesday-night meeting at Mountain View, and a letter Mayor Mike Rawlings and Vonciel Jones Hill sent to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe in which they tick off several reasons moving Dallas's business to Fort Worth and Coppell is bad for the city.

"The City of Dallas is very concerned about the potential closures," they write. "These actions would deprive postal customers of needed service, damage the economy, and potentially drive customers away from the Postal Service"; they also write about "the removal of hundreds of jobs" and its impact on "our urban area." And then there's this worry:

We also remain very concerned about the loss of the Dallas postmark. The City of Dallas is the 9th largest city in the United States. Dallas is easily the most recognizable city in the DFW Metroplex and a destination site for visitors and industry. The name of a city is likes its brand and we are proud of the Dallas brand and its status on the national and international stage. As such, we are concerned about the loss of the Dallas postmark due to the potential closures.
Read the whole thing on the other side. Don't even need a stamp.

Mayor Mike Rawlings's Letter to USPS