What if Your Panties Could Change the World? UNT Grad Wonders As She Launches Fair-Trade Lingerie Line

It's Saturday night, and you and the lady have just finished a romantic, candlelit dinner. You're on your third glass of wine, and you move to the bedroom, where she tells you she's going to slip into something a little more comfortable. She disappears into the closet and emerges wearing a sheer lace number and tells you to lay down. She sashays toward you, crawls onto the bed on top of you and leans over. "This lingerie is fair-trade certified," she whispers, her breath hot against your ear. "It was hand-crafted by Cameroonian artisans. All the profits go to help malnourished children in Africa."

Pretty hot, right? Well, UNT graduate Tara Smith thinks so.

"After spending two years in Cameroon, I couldn't stop thinking about every purchase I made or how every dime I spent could help someone in poverty, especially women," she says in the press release announcing the line. "For me personally, lingerie took a backseat. I want women everywhere to buy lingerie knowing that their purchase will change the lives of other women."

And, Smith wonders, "Why can't women look sexy to help other women?"

I thought that was an excellent question, and one that raised myriad others. Like, why can't women look sexy to help me do laundry? Or, why can't women look sexy to help men, namely me, get through the day? And so on.

All of the eventual profits will go to fight poverty in Africa, but for now, Smith is focused on raising $15,000 to actually launch the line. She's started an indiegogo video campaign featuring partially clad women gazing from a Downtown Dallas high rise, and also solicits donations on her company's website. You can give as much as you want, but if you donate $10,000, they will name a lingerie factory after you.

The campaign kicks off in earnest this Saturday with a launch party at the Swallow Lounge. Until then, watch the video and ponder the age-old question: What if your panties could change the world?