Re: Mayoral Race or Girlfight?

Jim, Sharon Boyd's posted a comment for you regarding your who'll-replace-Laura item. But I thought I'd put it here too, to make it easier for you to respond...and so everyone else could play along at home. (And that means you too, Veletta Lill.)

"You can't possibly be serious that a drama queen like Princess Velveeta has a chance against Laura Miller. Lill couldn't even carry Dist 14 against the Mayor. Outside of Dist 14 and possibly Dist 2, nobody knows Lill. Lill can't even count on Angela Hunt's support. They are miles apart on the Comprehensive Plan. The self-anointed Princess of Preservation Lill is suddenly a proponent of covering Dallas with apartments and all forms of high density multi-family. There may be someone out there who can beat Laura Miller, but it's not Veletta Lill."

Sharon, don't mince words. What do you really think? --Robert Wilonsky