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Tonight, Sneak a 3D Peek at Sanctum in a 90-Seat Theater-on-Wheels at Victory Plaza

If you're a fool for the latest in trailer technology, you probably heard the sad news: THOR won't be here to defend us next month, after all.

But before tonight's Stars game, a flash of hope: If you want to see a 3D movie trailer inside a trailer -- if you want to watch exclusive scenes from James Cameron's Sanctum from Dallas' sanctum santorum of big, empty real estate -- you may just want to swing by Victory Plaza on your way home from work.

Behind the American Airlines Center till a little after the puck drops on tonight's Stars-Kings match-up, you'll have a chance to catch a 15-minute preview reel of Cameron's latest 3D opus, about a ragtag bunch of cowboyish Aussie spelunkers on an extreme cave dive gone awry. (The movie opens in a couple weeks.)

Which is probably going to make it this year's second-best 3D cave movie starring people with accents. Not too shabby.

It's hard to believe there's a 90-seat theater inside the trailer when you see it from the outside, but the whole thing's plenty spacious -- especially this afternoon, when I joined a couple of families and a guy with a dog in a skull-and-crossbones sweater for the first run-through of the day. Looked like they'll have popcorn ready for some shows later tonight.