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Baby Makes Three

"I suspect he'll become a mighty drummer," one-man-band Chris Holt says about his brand new son. Hey, fatherly pressure worked for the Jacksons...

Because people love baby photos (and we love making people happy), we'd like to congratulate Dallas Observer Music Awards Musician of the Year Chris Holt and his wife Aubrey on bringing Christopher Peyton Holt into the world yesterday afternoon. Since the Holts are busy with a new screaming presence in their life, we'll hold off on a lengthy interview and go with the Holt quote in his bulletin: "I suspect he'll become a mighty drummer before his thirst for melody leads him to both the piano and the guitar. Or not. Maybe he'll be a hairdresser. Or perhaps a basketball star. Yeah, that's the ticket." Dude, if Peyton's eligible for tonight's NBA draft, well...talk about cutting it close. --Sam Machkovech