Dallas County

Some SALT to Season Those Subpoenas

So, the feds want Pettis Norman and Jon Edmonds to appear before a grand jury on July 20 -- can't imagine why. Oh, wait. My bad. And speaking of the Inland Port, for those who knocked off early for the Christmas holidays in '08, after the jump is a doc you might want to read (or re-read) this morning: the Service and Leadership Team's (or SALT) demand for equity in developer Richard Allen's Inland Port development. Schutze, who explained the significance of his Christmas gift here, is up shortly with more. Me, I'm waiting for Willis Johnson to return calls and emails. Meanwhile: "The Rev. Horace Bradshaw of the New Greater Emanuel Baptist Church in Dallas has called for a march at the Dallas Federal Courthouse for 9 a.m. Saturday." Amen.


SALT Inland Port Proposal