Well, If It's Good Enough for the Jonas Brothers

Big high-five for Westlake this morning: That tiny town in Tarrant (and Denton) County, once the playground of Nelson Bunker Hunt, has been named by Forbes as The Most Affluent Neighborhood in America, based upon the recently released U.S. Census Bureau Community Survey. The annual median income in Westlake is around $250,000, and it probably doesn't hurt that the community in question includes among its few hundred residents Texas Rangers co-owner Chuck Greenberg, a few major-leaguers and pro golfers and Los Bros Jo, right, Mayor (and President of Westlake Academy) Laura Wheat: "It's not so much of a surprise, since we are a very small town and we have a number of highly paid professional athletes who live here, CEOs of major corporations, members of a popular band of brothers." Methinks somebody's gold-level status just got upgraded to platinum.