Photo Friday: A Dallas Singer-Songwriter Gets a Nice Shout-Out on Boing Boing

A couple of photo items of note on this Good Friday:

Over on Boing Boing, former Newsweek senior writer Bill Barol celebrates the work of local shooter -- and musician -- Noel Kerns, who, on his Flickr profile, writes that he specializes "in capturing Texas' ghost towns, decommissioned military installations, and industrial abandonments at night." Barol's a big fan -- and, turns out, he was also the first guy to buy a print from the photographer. Kerns's pictures, he writes, "have a stillness that says something about decay and the passage of time, but (thanks to the long exposures he often uses) a hint of life in the streaking contrails of stars and headlights flashing past on nearby interstates."

Kerns's photostream is loaded with must-sees, which are making the rounds, but Kerns tells me today that the one above was, for years, his most popular. They're all on the way to become that way: Kerns says that since the Boing Boing posting, he's had 10,000 pageviews, "well over 100 e-mails," numerous requests to buy prints and even the offer of a show in Oregon. "This is a good thing," he says ...

Coincidentally, shortly after Friend of Unfair Park Arin directed my attention to BoingBoing, I got an e-mail from Edward Genny, who pointed me toward his Web site, where he's pulling from Google Maps some rather artistic "photos" of South Dallas. That one of the Corinth Street tunnel is particularly fab.