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On Nov. 22, "JFK Day" at the Texas Theatre, Starring Van Heflin and Naughty Dallas

What you see above is the ad for the Texas Theatre that appeared in the newspaper on November 22, 1963. But for some, that photo taken of the marquee on that day is burned on the brain; no need to consult the listings to know War is Hell and Cry of Battle were playing when police arrested Lee Harvey Oswald for the shooting of John Kennedy. Nevertheless: Eric Steele just sent it along with the heads-up that one week from today, the Texas will screen them again -- along with other goodies sure to tantalize. Among them:

John Slate, the city's official archivist and star of Slacker, will stop by for some after-dark goodies, including his introduction of Rush to Judgment based on Mark Lane's book. After that, the Texas will screen Larry Buchanan's immortal Naughty Dallas, a then-fresh look at Dallas when Abe Weinstein ran the Colony Club and Jack Ruby was cranking the Carousel, which I've still never seen on a big screen. Only have to wait a week.

The full schedule follows; so too a brief glimpse at Buchanan's movie, a "moviegoer's must." But Steele notes: Admission will run you all of $1. That's right.