Bennett Miller Says He Needs to Erase Some of the Past to Plan for the Future

After the jump, Bennet Miller's response to Tuesday's Unfair Park item concerning his desire to tear down a piece of the historically designated Magnolia Station. Miller didn't send it, though -- it came from a slightly frustrated resident of Magnolia Station who gives Miller, who sought the designation protection from the city, some credit for being a "pretty decent inner-city developer." In the missive, Miller explains why he's trying to sell the 70-unit complex (says it ain't a "museum" and that it's too expensive to operate without a rent hike) and why tearing down a piece of the project is necessary to facilitate its sale, as Magnolia Station's been on the market "for over two years." Matter of fact, he says a potential purchaser backed out only last week after working on a deal for more than a year. --Robert Wilonsky [jump]

Magnolia Response

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