On White Rock Lake, An Architect is Building a House Out of Shipping Containers

When Google's Street View car rolled by 422 Peavy Road in late 2011, it captured a spacious but ordinary four-bedroom, ranch-style home that was all but indistinguishable from its neighbors.

No more. The structure that's being erected in its place is a strikingly modern, 3,700-square-foot box whose third-story penthouse will afford sweeping views of White Rock Lake. It also happens to be made of shipping containers.

Candy's Dirt first caught wind of the plans back in May. Contacted by Unfair Park at the time, the builder acknowledged the project but declined to give details.

Since then, the house has been given a name -- PV14 -- as well as its own website. The website doesn't go into detail on why architect Matt Mooney, who owns and helped design the home, wanted to build it out of shipping containers other than to say that a "primary goal" was to "design & build a modern residence that has a unique character, responds to its specific location/orientation and employs the construction technologies that are readily available, but not often used in current residential construction."

Plus, shipping container houses are kind of a thing now.

In the end, the why doesn't really matter. The view of White Rock does. And it's a stunning one. Check the video: