Southern Living Dubs SMU a Top Tailgating School, Citing Those Crazy Cake Stands

Both my parents went to SMU, and I even went to a few sporting events growing up. But I claim total ignorance of SMU's apparently proud tailgating tradition. Er, I mean Boulevarding tradition.

Either way, the school does it well, according to Southern Living, which ranked SMU as one of 20 best tailgating schools in the South. Not much hint of the magazine's methodology for compiling the list, just four categories: UT and OU are among the "Powerhouses," A&M is a "Traditionalist," and SMU is a "Style Setter."

And what, exactly, is a tailgating style setter? "From sundresses to cake stands, these schools showcase true splendor in the grass," the magazine explains.

Wait, cake stands? This is college, right? You mean keg stand, right? But no. Kegs aren't allowed on The Boulevard.