Wonder-Ful News: Interstate Bakeries, Home of the Twinkie, Is Moving Its HQ to Dallas

Dallas is now home of the Twinkie. Interstate Bakeries Corporation, the Wonder Bread and Hostess host that had been in Chapter 11 since September 2004, is no longer in bankruptcy -- or, for that matter, its longtime home of Kansas City, where IBC started baking in 1930. It's moving its HQ to Dallas, even though it's a relatively small move -- 20 folks total, including 10 higher-ups and their staffers, which leaves about 600 in the Kansas City area.

Nonetheless, spokesman Lew Phelps tells The Kansas City Star, "A larger metropolitan area like Dallas will provide the company with a number of benefits, including access to a broader base of senior level executives with experience in the packaged consumer goods industry, which are needed for its success in rebuilding after emerging from Chapter 11." Let's have a Ding-Dong to celebrate. Or maybe a Ho Ho?