City Hall

At Last, a Firm Figure as Fort Worth Ave. TIF District Considers Giving Sylvan Thirty a Boost

While we await our recap from a raucous Ross Ave. last night, let's begin with this bit of ... well, not sure it's breaking news, not exactly. Because, after all, we've known for months now that Sylvan Thirty -- the long-proposed, much-talked-if-not-shouted-about mixed-use development on the site of the former Alamo Plaza Hotel Courts -- would receive some money from the Fort Worth Avenue TIF. We just didn't know how much.

Brent Jackson's $47-million development is a few million short, last we looked, which is why it's receiving a small stack of large-denomination bills from the Dallas Development Fund. But as Karl Zavitkovsky told us in November: "There are a lot of different buckets that they'll have to try to access, some of which are public, some of which are private." The just-posted agenda for Wednesday's meeting of the Fort Worth Avenue Tax Increment Financing District fills in another blank. It's the sole item on the agenda:

Review and consideration of a TIF funding request by Lynxette Exploration, LLC to dedicate future TIF revenues for eligible project costs in support of SylvaniThirty, currently addressed at 712 and 738 Fort Worth Avenue, 738 IH 30; and 1802, 1808, 1812, 1824, and 1830 Sylvan Avenue, collectively the southeast quadrant of Sylvan Avenue and Fort Worth Avenue, in an amount not to exceed $3,000,000.
Next stop: the city council, which in December approved the zoning for Sylvan Thirty. Said Mayor Mike at the time: "Let's let the dirt fly. Let's go."