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Angela Hunt Is "Pleased" With Make-Up of Council's Ad Hoc Gas Drilling Task Force

Yesterday Leslie recounted the Dallas City Council's vote on the membership of the ad hoc gas drilling task force -- during which rookie Scott Griggs's attempt to add Mountain Creek resident Ed Meyer to the roster was met with a deafening silence. Angela Hunt has posted to her website her thoughts on the subject, including a recap of the events leading to yesterday's vote and how it went down Monday.

Let's go to the excerpt:

Councilmember Griggs had proposed adding a person from the Mountain Creek area since it is most affected by this issue due to its place above the Barnett Shale natural gas formation.

I agree with that sentiment, and wish it had been made earlier in the process so they could have been included in our original 9-member selection rather than added as a proposed 10th at the end. Unfortunately, there were not enough votes on the council to add only one person. If we had added another citizen/environmentalist, the majority of the council also wanted to add another industry representative ("for balance"). The selected taskforce is very well-balanced and isn't too industry-heavy, and if we began deviating from the selection process that the council had agreed on for several months, we risked a pro-industry taskforce.
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