Head of Cultural Affairs Not Amused by NPR's Dallas v. Fort Worth Piece

It was but one week ago that National Public Radio aired that godawful segment pitting Dallas against Fort Worth for "cultural supremacy." And, fine, maybe Wade Goodwyn and John Burnett were just goofing around, but many Friends of Unfair Park were not amused -- and neither was Maria Muñoz-Blanco, director of the city's Office of Cultural Affairs, who weighed in yesterday with a guest column on KERA's Art&Seek Blog, where, she wrote:

I can't figure out how Goodwyn and Burnett, perhaps trying to be funny and cute (NPR?), missed the extraordinary big picture of North Texas culture. Here we are, two fairly young cities, roughly 30 miles apart, and in a couple of generations our communities have managed to build a cultural infrastructure that supports arts and cultural events for people of all ages, tastes, pocketbooks ... Suggesting this was done just to have the biggest, the largest, the grandest, the whatever-est, is not a fair account of the seriousness and thoughtfulness with which arts and civic leaders have undertaken the development of our cultural facilities. Or the vision and enthusiasm with which our artists endeavor to create new work and make art happen in our communities.