Good Gosh, There's Quite a Lot of Stuff Due to Happen at University Crossing

Maybe you saw this story in the paper this a.m. concerning the 55-unit Shelby apartment building that Prescott Realty's putting up on SMU Boulevard, just east of North Central Expressway. (It's actually been online for a couple of days, but whatever.) A colleague who lives nearby reminds that this is actually part of the so-called University Crossing that Prescott has planned -- a place where you can "live a fast-paced urban lifestyle with all the cozy neighborhood conveniences," says the Web site, which reads like a movie pitch (lots of "where x-meets-y" talk). Click the photo to see the entire area due for redo, and there's a video too that begsdemands the question: Is this a development or a kibbutz? --Robert Wilonsky