Arlington Woman Accused of Double Homicide Was a Member of Open Carry Tarrant County

Veronica Dunnachie, who Arlington police say shot her husband Russell Dunnachie and his adult daughter Kimberly on Wednesday afternoon, knew her way around firearms. Her Facebook page is filled with pictures of her firing rifles and posing with her fellow Open Carry Tarrant County members. She decided to put that knowledge to use, police say, because she and her husband were going through an ugly divorce.

According to a search warrant affidavit, Dunnachie called a friend in the early afternoon Wednesday to confess to the shootings. She told him she had done something bad and when he tried to reassure her that things were going to be OK, she told him she couldn't be helped. She'd shot her husband, she said. Her friend asked about Kimberly, and Dunnachie said she'd shot her, too. Police who showed up at the Dunnachies' house on Edinburgh Street found Russell and Kimberly Dunnachie dead.

Cops would later arrest Dunnachie at Millwood Hospital in Arlington, a mental health facility. She'd tried to check herself in.

According to documents from the Dunnachies' divorce obtained by the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Veronica Dunnachie had been ordered to leave the couple's house by December 31. The documents list four children, three boys and one girl, under the age of 18. None of the children were harmed in the attack.

Veronica Dunnachie is charged with capital murder and remains in Arlington City Jail. No bond has been set.