So, Who Kicks More Cultural Ass: Dallas or Fort Worth? All Things Considered, We'll Find Out This Afternoon.

All Things Considered kicks off on KERA-FM (90.1) right about ... now. And even if you're not a frequent listener, well, today might be a good day to tune in. Why? Because of this piece, which, from the looks of today's rundown, comes about 10 segments in:

Dallas, Fort Worth Battle For Cultural Supremacy

There's a showdown brewing in Texas: between the neighboring cities of Dallas and Fort Worth. They're not fighting over land, or water, or oil or gas rights; they're fighting for cultural supremacy. Who's got the best art museum? Who's bigger in the music world?
If you miss the broadcast, I'll post the link to the audio, which should be available 'round 6ish. And we really should meet back here to discuss after the piece airs.

Update at 5 p.m.: NPR has made the audio available for download.